Institut Courtois

Expanding the limits of our understanding of the world

Focus on discovery

The Institut Courtois was born of a simple idea and an unabashed dream: to transform scientific research by pursuing non-oriented basic research in state-of-the art facilities. The Institute is therefore dedicated to ambitious open research.

At the intersection of new materials, quantum physics and artificial intelligence, the Institut Courtois explores the frontiers of matter by bringing together the latest advances in information technology with research in chemistry and physics.

The Institute offers a space for interchange between cutting-edge theoretical and experimental approaches to material properties research. Its innovation ecosystem embraces both distinguished and promising young researchers who have come together at the University of Montreal’s MIL campus to push back the limits of knowledge.

The science of tomorrow

AI is disrupting our lives but it is also transforming what is possible in research. Our mission is to help maintain the momentum and accelerate research and discovery by applying computational capacity to advance our knowledge of matter.

Our more open approach to scientific progress, less focused on short-term results, leaves researchers free to devote time to innovative thinking. Aligning robotics and AI pushes the research forward by facilitating simulations and experimental manipulations. The Institut Courtois provides an ideal space for testing hypotheses more rapidly and thereby expanding the limits of our understanding of the world.

The creation of the Institute was made possible by the generosity of the Fondation Courtois, which supports non-oriented basic research. The Institute also receives valuable support from Quebec, Canadian and international funding agencies.